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Las Vegas Romance Writers
The Las Vegas Romance Writers is the Southern Nevada chapter of Romance Writers of America®, a worldwide non-profit professional organization of over 10,000 published and unpublished writers. The group’s purpose is to promote excellence in the romance genre, to provide support for writers within the romance publishing industry, and to help writers become published and establish careers in their writing field. We offer educational programs, workshops to enhance writing skills, critiquing, and opportunities for networking.
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  • LVRW | critique
    This is where we can share our work, review the work of others, and work together to produce the best possible result. CRIT LOOP RULES By joining this loop, you agree to submit your work for critique, and you also agree to critique the works of others. You don’t have to critique everything our members post, but if we’re all generous with each other and give more than we take, this group will be very productive. Do not worry about areas where you’re weak, such as grammar proficiency or maybe POV, but focus on those areas where you excel. Collectively, we’ll cover all the bases. To post a critique, submission, comment, or question, address an email to Attach your critique or submission as an attachment. In the subject line, write “Sub by Christy, ch 2” or “Crit by Christy for Ana ch 13.”  Post questions or comments in the body of the email. Questions need to be posed as simple emails. If you want plotting help, note that specifically in the Subject Line of your email post. Additionally, you can upload submissions to the Files section by creating folder in your name. When you upload a critique, put in the author’s folder. Critique using track changes. Highlighting with color or all CAPS is great, too. When you critique, explain your comments. Offer alternative wording or suggestions. Spell out what you like as well as what you think could be improved. The golden rule of critiquing is: You don't have to like the genre or even the story to help make it better. Say what you think and say it nicely. Note where you don’t understand something or find it confusing.  As authors, we're so close to our work that sometimes we don't realize we need to make things clearer to the reader. We want to catch our mistakes and improve our story-telling skills. When you submit, post whole chapters or scenes, the whole synopsis, the entire query letter, or other obvious chunks that make cohesive sense. Identify things you would like loop members to especially focus on.  With a new story, provide an overview of the genre and plot. To help new members jump in, and to refresh members’ memories, if it’s been a while since you’ve submitted, provide a short review of what happened in your previous chapter. Rules may be changed as the group becomes more active and issues that arise, which need to be addressed.
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  • LVRW | nanowrimo
    This group is designed for the LVRWA members participating in NaNoWriMo and RWA Chapter Word War. We can post our daily word counts, give each other moral support and generally have a great time getting that novel done in a month!
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